Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Job Well Done?...

A Job well Done?
by Mark Cartret, NCBAA Chairman and Past President via Columbus Bail on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 8:04pm
         The NCBAA under my watch, got more bills signed into law than it did at any other time since its inception. We hired the first African American staff member, increasing our lobbying team to 3 seasoned consultants. For the first time the NCBAA and the School Board Association came together in a joint effort to fix the "infamous bond c" law. This law was previously reported to have been the single most import issue harming bail agents statewide. Tougher restrictions were placed on those entering the industry while for the first time NCBAA's treasurer reported that it had more money than ever in the general fund. Upon the forwarding of uncollected, unsecured and property bond information from my district of 13A, the School Board Association acknowledged such was a statewide problem and agreed to assist in seeking a study bill that would determine the exact losses of unsecured and property bonds. I remember thinking that the economy had certainly made some strange bedfellows; the NCBAA and the SBA. While taxpayer-funded pretrial release continues to be a problem which I believe could be handled by establishing specific policies that enforce oversight and accountability; such programs are only in 37 counties. Unsecured and property bonds are in all 100 counties.Throughout the course of the last 2 years, the NCBAA accomplished more than it had at any other time since 1992.
After serving most of my tenure on the executive committee which included 2 terms as vice president and subsequently as president and chairman, I consider it a great honor and privilege to serve on such a fine and outstanding board.
 In conclusion and in the long term, the problem of market saturation persists. Such is clearly being aggravated by an ever increasing presence of insurance companies that blatantly and aggressively demand their share. As the pie shrinks, the unlimited supply of agents increase.This one single most important factor alone stands to kill the industry.  Insurance companies have created an "us or them" situation, pitting agents against agents. While market shares continue to shrink, fingers are pointed in all directions; all directions except the insurance companies.

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  1. Many insurance companies are destroying the private bail industry. Pretrial Release and its problems are small in comparison to the impact of the big insurance companies. Mark Cartret